The Company/The Technology

    CQENS Technologies Inc. is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based technology company. We are the developers of innovative methods designed to heat plant-based and/or medicant-infused formulations to produce aerosols for the efficient and efficacious inhalation of the plant and medicant constituents contained therein.


    We have two ways of accomplishing this - at high temperatures via induction without combustion or the constituents of combustion; and, at low temperatures, where we heat an inert carrier, producing an inhalable aerosol while maintaining the integrity of the active ingredient(s).


    Our high-temperature non-combusting technology is supported by 21 US and international patents and pending patents.  Among the applications of our patent-pending technology are those for Heat-not-Burn (HnB®) tobacco products.  Our method of heating tobacco for inhalation is superior, less toxic and far more convenient than other methods of tobacco consumption - especially when compared to the inhalation of smoke produced by combustible products, i.e. cigarettes, cigars and pipes.


    Independent tests of this system's prototypes supported the benefits of rapid heating, confirmed non-combustion - even at high temperatures - and produced better toxicology results (98% better) when compared to products requiring combustion and compared to other non-combusting technologies currently on the market. 


    Our low-temperature, aerosolizing technology is supported by 30 US and international patents and pending patents.  This portfolio includes IP around device designs and around formulations containing a wide variety of herbal and pharmaceutical preparations.  This system features the ability to verify the user, validate the medicant or pharmaceutical preparation and measure, meter and monitor the proper, prescribed dosage. 


    We define our target market as the "international inhalation market," a market that includes herbal, pharmaceutical, medical, recreational and lifestyle products and ingredients.  We estimate this as an $880 Billion USD annual market and expect it to grow to $1.1 Trillion USD by 2025.  The largest category within this market is the combustible tobacco market, comprising 92% of the total.  Our near term focus is on this segment, which represents the greatest opportunity for growth and the greatest opportunity to positively impact public health and wellness. 


    Other recent corporate developments can be found on our investor page in our SEC filings